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Before & After Gallery

This gallery is to give you an idea of what we can accomplish with consideration of time and if the client assisted or if Chuck Green completely took care of the project. If you have bigger items to get rid of, we can dismantle them for easier transportation. We provide complimentary quotes, so if you're not sure how your project fits in with our services, we're happy to view photos of the space to assess your project!

Quick garage clean up: 1.5hrs, 1x Chuck Green team member with clients assistance.

The goals were to get everything off the floor, sweep and protect items from mice, and to find new homes for unwanted items. I took a full carload away to rehome/recycle and some scrap metal in the trailer.

Study revamp: 1 hour, 2x Chuck Green team members without client assistance.

This client had moved and had got rid of a cupboard that wasn’t working for them. We collected a new cupboard off Facebook Marketplace and arranged all their office supplies for them.

Clearway: 2 hours, 2x  Chuck Green team members without clients assistance.

The client’s request was to lift some heavy items that they hadn’t been able to get rid of. We made a pile that the client would add to in their own time that we would collect later.

Garage reset: 4 hours, 1x Chuck Green team member with clients assistance.

The client’s request was to be able to get into their garage and to take away some recycling and belongings that they didn’t have time to take to various places. We loaded up a full trailer and car with unwanted items to rehome/recycle & some scrap metal.

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